Mark Fast Spring/Summer 2013

Mark Fast Spring/Summer 2013

Fringed dresses, skirts and shawls, high waisted hotpants or knee-length skirts topped with revealing brassieres, dresses with split sides, ripples and glitters, all against a canvas of metallics, pastels and neons – the first thought that sprang to mind at Mark Fast’s spring/summer 2013 show was if we all just had travelled three decades back in time, and had wondrously ended up at a glamorous hooker convention, thoughts which were emphasised by the sounds of opening theme Salt N Pepa’s “Push It”.

The Canadian knitwear designer had a wild woman in mind this season – one that doesn’t blush at the thought of wearing coarsely crocheted shirts and skirts over a revealing bathing suit, or a barely butt-covering, neon pink dress with a chunky chain – of course in gold – for a belt. A daredevil, a fierce, confident woman, who’d never leave the house without her designer stilettos and a kilo of gold around her neck.

Whether or not the mean streets indeed inspire Fast, it was glitter and it was glamour – it was a situation where the eighties glam girl meets the ghetto hooker.